Best $3 I Ever Spent

I’m a sucker for the cheap quirky items in Target’s “dollar section” near the entrance. One day, as I aimlessly perused the section, my eyes landed on a purple notebook. On it was an iridescent picture of a dinosaur. Inside, the pages were blank. Its price was $3.00. It was so cute I couldn’t resist buying it, yet I had no idea what I’d use it for! Like every other random notebook I have stacked at home, this one would likely be used for scribbling random lists, outlines, and ideas. One night, my mind was racing with creative desires, but I felt too scatterbrained to focus on any of my projects. Instead, I pulled out the Dino Sketchbook.

Without putting too much thought into it, I opened the sketchbook and started drawing swirls on its first sheet. I carefully connected each swirl and made sure every line was the same thickness. By focusing on these swirls and lines, I truly felt relaxed. It was calming to learn the power of my hands, willing them to draw neat lines by focusing on hand-eye coordination. Before long, my feet were starting to fall asleep and I realized I had fully invested myself into creating a cartoon-like, abstract masterpiece. Most importantly, I felt level-headed and at ease, like I just finished a morning run.

photo by: Dominique Maddox

It was then that I realized I didn’t need to be super talented to draw. I didn’t need to take art classes to start sketching. I didn’t need expensive materials and techniques in order to express myself. I was nervous to share these sketches because they’re amateur, but then I realized a true artist isn’t always commended solely on their skills, but is often more infamous for their ability to adequately express their thoughts or emotions; transcribing them from intangible visions to colors and lines on paper for others to see. Although I don’t know much about sketching techniques or art, I know that it felt good to get my thoughts out on paper.

Here is what became of that…

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