In My Zone

In order to grow from life’s experiences, sometimes you will need to set boundaries to protect your comfort zone, and other times you will need to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Before you can do either of these, you must first create a comfort zone.

We usually think of comfort zones as an intangible sanctuary in our minds where we go to shamelessly be at peace with our decisions, opinions, and preferences. However, a comfort zone can also be a literal amount of physical space that puts us at ease when we enter it. As much as we prioritize having a nicely decorated home and a cozy bedroom, it’s just as important to set aside a small space dedicated to providing us with feelings of safety, relaxation and motivation. 

Last weekend, I created my own comfort zone.

The basis of my comfort zone is comprised of four essential components: life, reflection, creative inspiration and motivation. In order to incorporate these things, I placed an easy-to-maintain plant below a framed mirror, artwork (including a sketch of my own), and my vision board.

At the start of a peaceful morning or the end of a long day, I like to sit in a quiet spot for about 15-20 minutes to regulate my thoughts and breathing. I keep a floor pillow and a yoga mat in my comfort zone to help create the perfect cozy area for my body to rest.

Using my oil diffuser, I can awaken my senses and induce certain moods. My favorite oils for relaxation are lavender and eucalyptus. To energize myself or focus, I use peppermint and orange oils. In addition, my Himalayan salt lamp emits a soothing glow and is said to improve air quality and increase serotonin levels.

Lastly, I stocked my comfort zone with books to read when I need to escape from the stress of the real world. I also take time to journal when I need to release and reflect. When I am inspired to write, I keep helpful writing resources and stacks of empty notebooks handy.

Whether it be in your mind or in your bedroom, use your answers to the following questions to help define and create your comfort zone.

  1. What emotions are you hoping to spark once you step foot in your comfort zone?
  2. In what types of atmospheres do you feel most at peace?
  3. What’s essential to make you feel safe and at ease?
  4. What items can you use to help create the perfect area of comfort for yourself?

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