Creative Consulting

Eve’s Genome

During my 2-month engagement with the founders of Eve’s Genome, I helped develop the brand’s voice and mission while creating a social media strategy to increase followers on their new Instagram profile. I also drafted a press release and supplied a public relations strategy for the founders to follow before, during, and after their launch. Lastly, I provided insight and suggestions for the company’s visual branding.

Creative Living for Dancers

As a requirement of a grant she received, Briana Stuart was required to spread the word about web-monetization to digital creators who might benefit from the use of a new content-sharing site, Coil. Briana aimed to drive traffic to the new site through her professional development cours, Creative Living for Dancers.

During our 3-month engagement, I helped Briana with her public relations efforts by conducting industry research and creating a contact list filled with organizations, schools, and individuals who would likely be interested. I also drafted and distributed press releases and marketing emails for the organization.