ATF the Brand

Lauren Bell, fashion designer and owner of Addicted to Fits: The Brand, wanted to increase traffic to her email newsletter, but she wasn’t sure where to begin. I drafted newsletter copy to promote her clothing line launches while promoting early access purchaching for subscribers.

Eve’s Genome

Best friends and founders of Eve’s Genome, a CBD-infused wellness product company, were ready to stir up some excitement about their new products. We worked together to develop a brand voice, which I used to write each of their founder bios, and other branded content for their Instagram profile.

Creative Living for Dancers

Briana Stuart, a freelance dancer and business owner in Brussels, Belgium, was preparing to launch her virtual professional development course. I edited her entire website’s written copy to improve its clarity and flow. Along with her course, Briana launched an e-book, which I edited as well. Lastly, I published two blog posts on the CLD website to promote the 2021 Creative Living for Dancers Award recipients’ digital projects.

The Brand of B

As blogger, author, and podcast host Brittany Williams began expanding her reach and launching new, consistent content, she wanted her website to reflect all of her hard work. After a brief interview with me, I was able to construct a biography for Brittany that not only highlighted her achievements, but captured her personality and aligned with her business goals.

RD Reloaded Photography

RD Reloaded Photography needed to add more depth to its website. I worked closely with the CEO to help him identify the vibe he wanted his website to give. By finding subtle ways to blend his personality with his brand, I was able to write a bio page that captured his essence as a photographer.